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Rangefinder Photo of the Day

Rangefinder Magazine Online has selected one of Ben's photos from the Rio Olympics as their "Photo of the Day." The article, entitled "The Artful Diver," was chosen by Jacqueline Tobin, Rangefinder's Editor-in-Chief.

Ms. Tobin accompanied the photo with this text: 

The Rio Summer Olympics may be long gone, but when I saw this image by Ben Arnon during the Palm Springs Portfolio Reviews at PhotoPlus Expo last month, I was struck by the composition, framing and fine-art appeal. As the New York City-based, self-described "visual journalist" Arnon explains: "Between Getty Images, Reuters, AP, The New York Times and all of the other news publications in attendance, there were hundreds of photographers in Rio making millions of photographs during the Games. I was there with no formal media credential. Therefore, I decided I needed to focus on shooting the Games in a non-traditional style so my photographs could somehow distinguish themselves from the millions of sports-focused ones. Hence, the black-and-white, minimalist feel of this one."