Inaugural Faces

As I walked the streets of Washington, DC during Donald Trump's Inauguration, it became abundantly clear how divided America is. Due in large part to forces such as social media, the fragmentation of cable TV, and the proliferation of op-ed blogs, Americans increasingly view the world, and their individual politics, with a very narrow lens. Context is stripped away and we see what is directly in front of us and nothing else. We focus tightly on the information we agree with and we ignore - or even dismiss - opposing viewpoints.

I decided to replicate this reality with my camera lens, making portraits of Americans - both for and against Trump - very tightly cropped on their faces.  Most context in these photographs is missing and left to the imagination of the viewer. Some viewers will believe the captions.  Others will choose to reject the captions and create their own ‘fake’ context.

Inaugural Faces - Trump Supporters

Inaugural Faces - Trump Opposers