(See below for Artist Statement)

2015 was arguably the most important year for Cuban-U.S. relations since the Cuban Revolution in the 1950’s. When the United States and Cuba embarked upon a new relationship to usher in the year, the face of the island country began to shift immediately.

The year 2015 was a complex time for Cuban culture and society. On one hand, a new relationship with the U.S. brought Cubans new opportunities like greater access to the Internet and enhanced freedoms for individuals to establish multiple businesses.  On the other hand, change led to fears of future over-commercialization and consumerism that could potentially damage Cuban society and the priorities of future generations. Cuba was caught between a need for technological and human rights advancements and a nationalistic pride for the existing Cuban way of life.

Whether the Cuban system works or not can be fiercely debated. The underlying ideas, however, are powerful - that we can all exist together in harmony with equality and live in an inclusive society.

This series features photographs made in the Cuban cities of Havana, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos during November 2015. The photographs illustrate Cuban life and depict the spirit of a people in flux.