Breakdown of Conversation

During Donald Trump's Inauguration in Washington, DC, it was apparent that America suffers from a breakdown of conversation. When progressive Democrats speak, conservative Republicans deflect, ignore, and do not listen. Likewise, when conservatives speak, progressives become frustrated and stop listening as well.

These street scenes break down conversations and highlight, through facial expressions, the chasm of thought and perspective that exists between various Americans.

Above, a Muslim-American man (left) engages in dialogue with a Confederate flag-wearing Trump supporter (right) on the streets of downtown Washington, DC during Donald Trump's Inauguration on January 20, 2017. The Muslim-American man attempted to explain the disrespect he felt from listening to Donald Trump's incendiary rhetoric regarding Muslims and from observing the Trump supporter's Confederate flag. The Trump supporter felt that his point of view was not being heard so he became dismissive of the entire conversation. Ultimately a minor physical altercation appeared ready to take place so the police stepped in. 

Above, a Confederate flag-wearing Trump supporter explains his version of why slavery occurred to two different black women, both anti-Trump protestors. These conversations took place during the Women's March on Washington in downtown Washington, DC at a Bikers for Trump rally that was being protested by marchers.