American Crusaders

(See below for Artist Statement)

Much attention is paid to the candidates in any U.S. Presidential election.  However, in order to become a viable candidate and to sustain the rigor and tumult of an election season, all candidates are powered by an enormous army of crusaders.

Crusaders are the people who campaign vigorously on behalf of the candidate. They sacrifice time with family and friends to travel across the country doing all they can to help their candidate get elected. Crusaders are the campaign staff who set up offices in small towns in states such as Iowa. The organizers on the ground who hand out walk packets and who set up phone banks. The volunteers who spend countless hours knocking on doors and calling neighbors. The everyday people who love their candidate so much they collect stickers and signs year after year, through ups and through downs. The well-known surrogates who travel tirelessly throughout the country to speak on the candidate’s behalf.

This series highlights American Crusaders throughout the country who did all they could to power their Democratic candidate of choice to victory in 2016.  Since Crusaders form the bedrock of any successful campaign, this series begins with images highlighting these people who power the candidates. Propped up atop this foundation are the candidates who make their speeches, rally their crowds and inspire the Crusaders to keep keeping on, despite challenges from within the party or from across the aisle.